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2016 Komen San Diego Race for the Cure

Deb Taylor's Purr for the Cure Team

My story is one of hope...

In 2010, I was diagnosed with IBC Inflamatory Breast Cancer, a very rare aggressive form of BC.

Sadly, due to its aggressiveness, at diagnosis it is ALWAYS stage III or IV "You don't have to have a lump to have breast cancer" IBC Symptoms appear rapidly and may include PAIN, swelling, warmth, skin changes in texture and color, itching, inverted nipple.

I was given 18 months. Yes, there is always hope. In 2012 it metastasized to my bone, a grave prognosis due to the nature of IBC as well as HER2+ which in addition is very aggressive.

In 2014 I flew to San Antonio where my BFF from Savannah met me for a 12 hour stacked DIEP reconstruction surgery. A miracle surgery!

2016 ongoing Herceptin treatments every 3 weeks until a new drug for metastatic IBC is developed. I will always be on some form of treatment.


Happiest days are spent walking down at the beach with John, breathing in the ocean air, sound of crashing waves, pelicans overhead, and feeding a family of jetty squirrels

Life is good!

Purr for the Cure began with Nancy Nelson a dear coworker who wanted to do something and she did ! This year will be our 7th year WOW! Nancy handed over the reigns to my Cousin Cindy who deserves her own page! Cindy and her wife JIll are very special to us. Our Co-captain, Suzie is my next door neighbor and walking buddy.

My husband John and I are overwhelmed by everyone's continued support whether you're part of our team, donations, traveling to walk, your love and friendship, we sincerely appreciate all of you.

We lost a dear friend Carol, we walk in her memory along with her "girlfriends" and their families.

Carol's Girlfriend Sharon is also a survivor. Other teammate survivors include Teresa and Marta

Teresa's sister Katie in Michican just finishing her second battle will be with is in spirit! We love you!!!

I don't know one person that hasn't been affected by this horrid unrelenting disease.

Purr for the Cure walks in memory for all those we've lost and those who are just beginning their fight, and those who need hope for a cure.

Cancer treatment has made progress, but there's much more to be done. We need more awareness around metastatic breast cancer. More than 300,000 new cases will be diagnosed this year. Susan G Komen is the largest nonprofit supporter of BC RESEARCH helping to find new treatments and CURES.

I look forward to the day we can look back and say "We were all a part of finding a cure"

With love and appreciation

Deb and John
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